Vetebral column anatomical model / lumbar NetMed

Vetebral column anatomical model / lumbar NetMed

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Life-size osteoporosis model. 7 life -size vertebrae , the vertebral column osteoporosis model from HeineScientific shows the damage to the body of the vertebra caused by osteoporosis. The model osteoporosis which shows a cross-section illustrates the vertebrae on one side and the inter vertebral discs on the exterior. The other side of this model shows a longitudinal section through the body of the vertebrae, so that the osteoporosis stages are very clearly identifiable. The following information are shown in this model: .Healthy vertebra with intervertebral disc. .Wedge vertebra. ."Fish vertebra" (vertebral body with concave base and top plate). .Various osteoporotic bone structures. Product details of this model: .Life-size osteoporosis model showing 7 vertebrae in various stages of osteoporosis .Mounted on a white plastic base .Dimensions including base: 15 x 15 x 29 (L x W x H)
  • Area of the body:lumbar, vetebral column