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The smallest parts can be the strongest links

As your specialists in acute care, we understand that even the smallest parts need to function at the highest level. Dräger ventilation accessories lend strong support to the functionality of your workplace solutions and help you optimise clinical workflow. Our ventilation masks, breathing circuits and other ventilation accessories are tested for ultimate compatibility, you can easily integrate our ventilation accessories with the interfaces of your existing devices, enabling them to work seamlessly in the background – so you can stay focused on your patient.



Ventilation masks, breathing circuits & accessories

HI-Flow Star

​​​HI-Flow Star - nasal oxygen delivery system for adult patients. High-flow therapy can effectively deliver more oxygen to the patients than Venturi-based systems with a higher level comfort. In addition it can help patients recover faster and avoid invasive respiratory therapy.1,3

Non-invasive Ventilation Masks

Comfortable and effective non-invasive ventilation: Dräger NovaStar® and ClassicStar® NIV full-face masks are designed for non-invasive ventilation therapy. These masks cover the nose and mouth, ensuring effective NIV therapy even in case of mouth breathing. Both NIV full face masks provide maximum comfort and effective seal. NovaStar masks can be shaped individually to the patients face. The portfolio includes the NovaStar® and ClassicStar® NIV masks with SE used with Dräger ventilators. The NovaStar® NIV mask with AAV completes the portfolio.



Patient filters

Dräger offers an extensive portfolio of high-performing filters that support you at the point of care by helping to address the concern of cross-infection. 

SafeStar® Mechanical Filters

SafeStar® mechanical air filters offer bacterial and viral protection without moisturizer. The use of mechanical filtration, as well as other types of breathing filters, in the OR, the ICU, as well as other settings, helps to address cross-infection, a concern commonly associated with mechanical ventilation. In order to support the clincian and to properly address challenges like this one, Dräger offers an extensive portfolio of high-performing HMEs and breathing filters, including SafeStar® filters.



Customised accessory packs

Streamline your processes, reduce errors and stay organised: Dräger’s Set2Go solutions deliver everything you need in one bespoke ready-to-go package. 

Accessory Sets (Set2Go & Pack2Go)

The future of accessories: With Dräger’s Set2go solutions we offer you totally customised sets consisting of an individual selection of single-patient-use accessories. With the Pack2Go kits, Dräger now provides a combination of different accessories and consumables as a one-stop, one-step solution for use with Dräger invasive ventilation, and anesthesia devices.


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