Vascular doppler platform C200 Sonostar Technologies

Vascular doppler platform C200 Sonostar Technologies

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SS-1800 color doppler ultrasound system applies advanced digital technology, advanced broadband probe technology, full-featured application software system and a variety of leading-edge image processing technology with delicate image quality and committed system performance to meet clinical requirements. ·Full digital imaging technology ·LCD monitor ·Up to 4 active probe connectors ·Broadband Multi-frequency probes ·512/1024 frame cine loop ·8 segment TGC ·Powerful information management ·Complete application software packages ·Large capacity hard disk ·USB ports ·Compatible with laser/inkjet printers ·Fashion and ergonomic design Operating Modes: ·2D mode imaging in fundamental and harmonic mode ·M mode with advanced cine loop and image review ·Color doppler velocity mode ·Power doppler mode(CDE) ·Directional color power doppler mode(DCDE) ·Pulsed wave spectral doppler mode(PW) ·Continuous wave spectral doppler mode(CW) ·Duplex mode ·Triplex mode ·Split screen real time display mode in 2D/2D or 2D/color
  • Application:vascular
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