Vascular doppler / intraoperative 8 MHz Vascular Technology

Vascular doppler / intraoperative 8 MHz Vascular Technology
8 MHz

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Larger vessels can now be viewed by surgeons with the aid of the VTI 8 MHz Surgical Doppler System. During a broad range of surgical specialties, intraoperative assessement of blood vessels can be done with the use of the real-time audio blood flow doppler. What's amazing about this Vascular Doppler System is that this allows surgeon to operate even the most challenging cases with the use of Doppler Probes. This innovation can do what most common transcutaneous Doppler devices cannot. The doppler system can be used during several surgical specialties such as general, vascular, laparoscopic and even robotic surgeries. Aside from its being cost-effective and handy, this also comes with available probes. Deep signal penetration is also assured. You may also check other product lines for comparison.
  • Application:vascular, intraoperative
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