Valvulotome EXPANDABLE LEMAITRE® LeMaitre Vascular

Valvulotome EXPANDABLE LEMAITRE® LeMaitre Vascular

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The Expandable LeMaitre Valvulotome is designed to be used with a less invasive in situ bypass technique. It is the only self-sizing, self-centering valvulotome available. It cuts valves in the saphenous vein, a vein that runs from the groin to the knee. When used with a semi-closed technique, it helps to prevent wound complications. Valvulotomy can be performed without the need for angioscopy and without changing cutting heads during valve lysis. Blade range of 1.8-6.0 mm in a single instrument Four recessed blades for cutting valve cusps Hoop design helps keep device centered in the vein Adjusts to vein diameter automatically Teflon sheath for smooth advancement Saline injections via built-in irrigation port Instrument Specifications Maximum Hoop Diameter 9.0 mm Maximum Blade Diameter 6.0 mm Blade Housing Diameter 1.8 mm Outer Diameter of Protective Sheath 1.5 mm Usable Length 98 cm Benefits of the Expandable LeMaitre Valvulotome: Wide blade range: a smaller diameter of 1.8 mm and a blade range of 1.8 to 6.0 mm allows for effective valve cutting without changing blades or instruments.
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