Vaginal infection screening device VG-Test 3QBD

Vaginal infection screening device VG-Test 3QBD

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The VGTest device is sensitive enough to measure and differentiate among amines present at even low concentrations, meaning that it can provide reliable, consistent results regardless of the testing environment or the patient’s age and condition. In addition, since it is designed to measure the specific amines related to each of the three major forms of Vaginitis, it will provide a diagnosis not just of Vaginitis, but also of its specific form. The VGTest device has already demonstrated accurate diagnosis rates of over 95% for BV and over 80% for Candidiasis on the previous version of the device, using an Ni63 platform. It can also detect the presence of other infections, including Trichomoniasis, although a larger database is required for establishing the exact percentages for diagnosis. Ultimately, the use of the current VGTest should return results and allow the device to accurately diagnose all three major forms of infection at success rates of well over 90%.
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