Vacuum dental laboratory casting machine / induction OKAY VAC GALLONI ASEG S.P.A.

Vacuum dental laboratory casting machine / induction OKAY VAC GALLONI ASEG S.P.A.

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It is well known that electronic induction melting is the best system for melting metals and the possibility of melting and casting under vacuum allows a higher purity and homogeneity thus exploiting all metallurgical properties of the alloys. Castings of high quality are formed under vacuum since the molten alloys reach the thinnest parts of the model and solidify under constant centrifugal pressure. All dental alloys, non-precious and precious, improve their properties with vacuum which is essential for alloys containing titanium. The crucible containing the alloy and the flask are put in the impermeable small vacuum chamber. This small vacuum chamber is fitted on the centrifugal arm. The double swing casting arm and the sloping crucible holder ensure straight trajectory of molten metal into center of flask. Acceleration and rpm control obtained by a special frequency inverter are programmable and ensure high quality castings suitable to the most demanding requirements. OKAY VAC The results are: higher purity of casting greater homogeneity better resistance to corrosion prosthetic frames with minimum thickness reduced reaction of molten alloy with investment. reduced casting oxide inclusions due to the absence of nitrogen and oxygen A special device supplied on request, prints the CASTING PROTOCOL on which all casting parameters such as alloy type and quantity, casting temperature, laboratory name and date are recorded.
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