UV dissolution testing system Cary 8454 Agilent Technologies

UV dissolution testing system Cary 8454 Agilent Technologies
Cary 8454

The Cary 8454 UV Dissolution System is an ideal solution for single and select multicomponent product analysis using diode array technology. Multicell- or valve-based systems, as well as a multi-apparatus system, are available and provide specific benefits depending on the end user environment. Agilent, Varian and VanKel dissolution apparatus can be directly linked to the Cary 8454 UV-visible spectrophotometer for automated test runs. The UV-visible ChemStation software integrates the apparatus, the spectrophotometer and the computer into a complete system supporting guided operation and unattended test runs with online test progress monitoring. The software supports test preparation and post-run activities. The software, operable in a workstation or OpenLab/ECM environment, offers additional features by adding advanced capabilities for method development and validation, as well as a tool set for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.
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