Urology operating table / universal / endoscopy / gynaecology RÜGEN Gubbemed

Urology operating table / universal / endoscopy / gynaecology RÜGEN Gubbemed

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OR Table RÜGEN Table top sections are radio translucent. High class antistatic polyurethane mattresses are covered with an antibacterial cover. Side rails enable assembly of various additional equipment. Basis available in three versions: flat, rotary-built-in and mobile, with a mechanical central lock. The operating table system RÜGEN is designed to support the patient during all surgical procedures and operations: In general surgery, vascular surgery, endoscopy, neurosurgery, gynaecology, urology and orthopaedics. The functional movements of the table column are provided by a reliable electro-hydraulic system. The functional movements of the operating table top and longitudinal shift can be supported by gas springs or mechanically. The operating table system RÜGEN is equipped with exchangeable table tops. It is possible to remove and assemble different operating table tops using especially designed transporters for the table top transfer. The table top transporters can be equipped with height-adjustment and Trendelenburg-adjustment and can be operated mechanically or hydraulically. Technical Parameters Total length of the table with table top: - 4, 5-section section2100mm Lateral tilt ±30° - 6-Sektionen 2200mm Head rest adjustment ±45° - orthopaedic 2000 - 3300mm Body elevator adjustment ~ 120mm Width of the table top 500mm (optional) Total width of the table top 560mm Longitudinal shift 300mm Height adjustment (with mattress) 750 - 1110mm (optional) Back plate adjustment +85° / -45° Trendelenburg ±40° Leg plate adjustment +20° / -90° Table weight 250kg Leg plate abduction max 180° Permissible load 225kg
  • Features:Trendelenburg, on casters
  • Application domain:urology, gynaecology, endoscopy, universal
  • Operation:mechanical, electro-hydraulic
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