Urodynamic system UROMASTER Schippers-Medizintechnik

Urodynamic system UROMASTER Schippers-Medizintechnik

UROMASTER is an extremely flexible measuring system including modular technology for physiological measurements. It is specially developed for routine examinations in hospitals and clinics. Range of applications: Preferred field of applications: Urology and Uro-Gynaecology. Basic equipment: Hardware: The measuring station consists of the following main components: more efficient notebook in newest technology, Ink-jet-printer, Measuring unit with: USB Interface with electrical isolation, CONTROLLER, Bus System to receive the modules, PRESSURE-Module to measure four pressures, TRANSDUCER-Module to measure the infused quantity, MOTOR-Module to control the motors for ROLLER-Pump and PULLER-Device, VOLUME-Transducer, ROLLER-Pump and PULLER-Device. Trolley: All the components are integrated in one compact and easily portable trolley with the Dimensions: 600 x 500 x 1.400 mm (width x depth x height).
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