Urinary drainage set LUBRI-SIL® Bard Medical

Urinary drainage set LUBRI-SIL® Bard Medical

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The infection control urine meter Add-A-Foley tray has an infection control urine meter as well as a URO-PREP™ Tray. The tray has the EZ-LOK® Sampling Port and BARD® Microbicidal Outlet Tube. It also complements the BARDEX® I.C. catheter system and Bacti-Guard®* silver alloy coating. BARD® also has the COMPLETE CARE® System, which is a bacteriostatic infection control Add-A-Foley tray that has a bacteriostatic agent in the drain tube as well as the drain bag material that repels common bacteria and yeasts. The tray is available with the BARD® SAFTEY-FLOW™ outlet device that prevents urine splash when the drainage bag is emptied. The tray complements both the BARDEX® I.C. and LUBRI-SIL® I.C. COMPLETE CARE® System. The URO-PREP™ Tray has a drape, underpad, powder-free and latex-free exam gloves, forceps, pre-filled inflation syringe, rayon balls, lubricant, povidone-iodine solution, specimen container, and label.
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