Urinary drainage set CYSTOBAG® TK 1000 UROMED

Urinary drainage set CYSTOBAG® TK 1000 UROMED

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Closed urine drainage system with fleece cover CYSTOBAG® TK 1000 for DAY-NIGHT-care combines the advantages of a closed urine drainage system with the features of a urine leg bag and the mobility of the patient involved. A frequent disconnecting of different systems at the catheter funnel will be stopped. For the fixation at the femur or lower leg we recommend our UROMED Cling Strap Set REF 4896. with gloves, free of latex step connector for reliable links puncture spot for urine specimen drip chamber with recoil blockage air-filter on drip chamber and bag fixing cord for all-purpose fixation clearly graduated T-tap-port T-tap-outlet, one-handed use without contamination fleece cover on the reverse side of the bag REF PZN Tube Length Volume 4870 00689326 30 cm 1000 ml 4871 00689332 60 cm 1000 ml 4872 00689349 90 cm 1000 ml HMK: Packing: sterile Original carton: 20 pieces