Upper limb cosmetic prosthesis cover Elegance RSLSteeper

Upper limb cosmetic prosthesis cover Elegance RSLSteeper

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It has been the need of clinical experts to want extra long gloves for use in their workplaces. RSLSteeper has responded to such clinical needs and have come up with an elegant range of silicone and PVC gloves. The new style is extra long and allows smooth transition over the proximal socket brim or wherever needed. The extra length is an extension to the mid upper arm, providing a unique continuous silicone glove cosmesis. Its key features are extra length as standard in 7 sizes, suitable for all Otto Bock™ system hands with sizes from 6 3/4 to 8 ¼, advanced micro-pigmentation finish, suitable for RSLSteeper myo electric and cable powered hands and is available in two ranges Standard & Truefinish™ and in 19 colors. Silicone is easily cleaned with soap and water. Extra stretch minimizes the energy used by the hand.
  • Limb type:upper limb
United Kingdom