Universal wheelchair seating DynaFormMax Dyna Products BV

Universal wheelchair seating DynaFormMax Dyna Products BV

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The DynaFormMax is designed for people who are very passive and people with involuntary movements. Support Perfect fit and good lateral support give optimal support to the user. Especially for the target group of the DynaFormMax the lateral support is increased additionally and the front of the seat has an additional raised contour. This results in both an extremely stable and very comfortable seating position. The optional Max calf rest and head rest prevents people with (very strong) involuntary movements to injure their legs. Pressure relief By using high quality materials with specific properties Dyna managed to develop a seating element directly transforms and adapts to the contours of the user when seated on. Unique is that the seating unit also adapts to the shifting position while the position of the body is maintained. Even when the position of the chair is changed, e.g. by tilting, the seating element adjusts itself and the pressure relief remains optimal. This is possible because both the cover and the plastic shell are dynamic. Measurements show that the DynaForm has excellent pressure relieving properties and the bottoming-out effect does not occur. With these features the DynaFormMax fits well in a decubitus policy. Biomechanical The biomechanical single infinitely adjustable back angle creates even more options for a conforming and comfortable position. The position of the pivot point and the conforming properties of the cover ensure the shear forces to a minimum.