Universal operating table / electrical / X-ray transparent / height-adjustable BIOT001EH BI Healthcare

Universal operating table / electrical / X-ray transparent / height-adjustable BIOT001EH BI Healthcare

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The BI Healthcare BIOT001EH electric operating table is designed in multi-functional purpose and suitable for general surgery. The imported motors make sure fast and flexiable operations. There is no gap when converting a variety of surgical procedures in position, no amount of swing, make sure the table stability, durability, safety and reliability. Constant speed motor operation, mute, anti-electromagnetic. Even if the increase weight will not affect the operation speed. This operation table is widely used in brain surgery, abdominal surgery, ENT, gynecology, urology and other types of surgery. The whole set of electrical control system adopts imported components, with advantages of low noise, safe and reliable. Microcomputer double control devices implement multi-directional operation with the misuse prevention switch. Table surface adopts the high-grade carbon fiber board which can be used for X-ray radiography. The entire table can be vertical translation to ensure no dead corner of C-arm X ray radiography. The movement of lift, parallel translation,back and forward,lift and right,and the fold of back board are all electrically controlled. Head board,leg supporter and kidney bridge are manually controlled. The locking function of the operating table base can ensure the flexible and easy movement. Also firm and stable when locked.
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