Universal engine / wheelchair Tailwind Cyclone

Universal engine / wheelchair Tailwind Cyclone

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Tailwind Available NOW exclusively at Cyclone Technologies. Tailwind power assisted wheelchair instant the style and comfort of a manual chair, combined with the on board support of quiet and discreet motors controlled by you via a easy switch, to provide a smooth boost of power as and when required. Important Factors Convenience Style: With the convenience, fit and style of a manual wheelchair and the needed power to do the things they love. Ideal Alive Wheelchair: Ideal for alive wheelchair users, Tailwind will deliver a new level of independence for those looking to go where they want. Intelligently Leading: This intelligently leading and inventive power assist wheelchair will help you to confidently and safely navigate challenging terrain uphill, downhill, crosswise grassy areas and other uneven surfaces, whilst being provided with just the right amount of assistance for any given situation. Built in Computer: With the help of a built in computer controlled by a single conveniently located on/off switch.