Umbilical hernia prosthesis / abdominal SURGIMESH®PET ASPIDE MEDICAL

Umbilical hernia prosthesis / abdominal SURGIMESH®PET ASPIDE MEDICAL

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Abdominal reinforcement net, recommended for repairs of hernia and rupture, either by laparoscopic or open surgery. SURGIMESH®PET is a 100% polyester parietal reinforcement both for open surgery and laparoscopy. 3 structures are provided : Device with bidimensional (2D) structure – 130g/m² : Very easy to use, its structure makes the insertion of the mesh easier. Recommended for laparoscopic surgery. Device with tridimensional (3D) structure – two available densities : - 75g/m² : simple, light and porous structure leading to a very good tissue integration and reduction of post-operative pain. - 130g/m² : high density making the implant insertion easier thanks to increased shape memory. Tridimensional structure is recommended for open surgery.
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