Ultrasound system / on platform / for multipurpose ultrasound imaging Telemed Medical Systems

Ultrasound system / on platform / for multipurpose ultrasound imaging Telemed Medical Systems
Telemed Medical Systems

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LS 128 EXT 2T Color Doppler Digital Ultrasound Diagnostic System LS128 EXT 2T is a innovative generation of high performance Echo Color Doppler systems built on PC-based software driven platform with open architecture. Scanning modes: B, B+B, 4B, B+M, M CFM Color Flow Mapping PDI Power Doppler DPDI Directional Power Doppler PW Pulsed Wave Spectral Doppler HPRF High Pulse Repetition Frequency Duplex (B+PW) Triplex (B+Color Doppler+PW) 3DView Rendering 3D (opzional) PanoView Panoramic Imaging (opzional) The system supports a wide range of transducers, wideband and multi-frequency from 2.0 MHz to 12.0 MHz: Convex Linear Endocavitary Dual Connector to connect two probes, or biplanar probe In LS128 EXT 2T are included the latest technological innovations developed by TELEMED: High-speed software image processing Digital Doppler Multi-Beam Processing Spatial Compound Imaging, B-Steer Imaging Trapezoid Imaging Tissue Harmonics One-touch Image Optimization Advanced Speckle Reduction Imaging Raw-Data Image Enanchement The high PRF and the Digital Doppler multi-beam processing allow Color, Power and Spectral Doppler examinations, with high sensitivity and frame rate. LS128 EXT 2T is equipped with Echo Wave II software, continuously updated through upgrades downloadable freeware from the Internet. The functions of Telemedicine with remote control and real-time transfer of images and video, allow applications for diagnostic support, education, training and service via the Internet. LS128 EXT 2T can be configured as a traditional trolley system, equipped with dedicated Ultrasound Console, high-definition monitor. touch screen.
  • Ergonomics:on platform
  • Type of imagery:for multipurpose ultrasound imaging