Ultrasound system / on platform / for multipurpose ultrasound imaging SonixMDP Q+ Analogic

Ultrasound system / on platform / for multipurpose ultrasound imaging SonixMDP Q+ Analogic
SonixMDP Q+

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Powerful and versatile ultrasound system Engineered to exceed expectations, SonixMDP offers all the features you expect from a first-class ultrasound system plus the advantages of an open software platform. An intuitive interface helps you work fast SonixMDP is the ideal ultrasound machine for a busy clinic with a variety of patients. Its designed with dedicated keys for the application at hand. Whether youre doing a cardiac, OB/GYN or vascular ultrasound, you just need to select one button to get started. Keys and controls are grouped to enhance workflow. The system also has a touch screen panel for measurements and image control. SonixMDP is Ideal for shared services applications Thanks to ECG trigger and comprehensive cardiac calculations and report packages, SonixMDP is the right ultrasound machine for cardiac scans. It can also be used for other specialized exams including musculoskeletal, vascular and general imaging procedures. Sonix MDP offers 2D imaging, M-Mode, PW and CW Doppler and Color Doppler. Showing the way for interventional procedures With its 17/43cm monitor and optional features designed to enhance needle visualization, SonixMDP is the ideal system for radiologists who expect more from an ultrasound machine. By showing a needles trajectory in plane and out of plane, before and after insertion, SonixGPS speeds up and improves the accuracy of aspiration and injection procedures. SonixShine improves in-plane needle visualization and helps to increase the accuracy and speed of biopsies. Ultrasonix helps you stay current and protect your investment in ultrasound
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