Ultrasonic nebulizer multisonic® InfraControl Flores medical

Ultrasonic nebulizer multisonic® InfraControl Flores medical
multisonic® InfraControl

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Ultrasonic inhalation device for use in hospital and out-of-hospital settings, equivalent to multisonic InfraControl, with new nebulizer head and integrated baffle plate. Infrared control ensures on-demand aerosol production, noiseless in operation, warming up of aerosols, with wideband power supply, mouthpiece, nebulizing head, sealing ring, baffle plate & valves, bag, optionally with batteries. Low medicament consumption thanks to breath-actuated inhalation, effective inhalation, easy operation, safe hygiene. Optional: Medicine cup to simplify and ease hygiene access, to nebulize temperature-sensitive drugs or small amounts of drug.