Ultrasonic nebulizer MEGAHERTZ Diffusion Technique Francaise

Ultrasonic nebulizer MEGAHERTZ Diffusion Technique Francaise

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Indicated for broncho-pulmonary pathologies: asthma, bronchitis, pneumopathies, cystic fibrosis. Ultrasonic nebulizer ATOMISOR is totally innovating for its performances, its ergonomy and straightforwardness. * Ergonomy: - integrated ventilation (requires no tube for air flow) - automatic constant water level (no tube nor connection) - visual alarm: automatic safety switches off the device when liquid level is too low * Performances: Particle size: MMAD 3.5µm Adjustable nebulization and ventilation : - adjustable liquide flow from 40 to 250 ml/h, - adjustable air/ventilation flow from 0 to 40 l/mn. * Use: - Humidification: The valve that automatically keeps the water level constant and that is included with the unit fits all containers with a maximum diameter of 100 mm and standard 40 mm thread (500 ml or 1000 ml bottles). Several hours of operating range (medium nebulization and ventilation : 3 hours with a 500 ml bottle). Optional heating system : gives the possibility to obtain an aerosol at a temperature around 37°C out of the humidification tube. - Medicine nebulization : for nebulizations of low volume (lower than 15 ml) the nebulization kit is to used with the cup holder tube and the multi-positions reducer that allows the nebulization of medicines volumes around 3 ml with a very low residual volume. - Medicine incompatibilities : Ultrasonic nebulization can not be used for all oil-based medicines nor suspensions.
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