Ultrasonic humidifier Ionovap Pic Solution

Ultrasonic humidifier Ionovap Pic Solution

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Ionovap is an innovative cold steam humidifier that uses ultrasound ion technology. It maintains an optimal degree of humidity in the environment noiselessly and without the risk of accidental burns. A correct humidity level in the environment protects nose, throat and respiratory tract mucous membranes, making them less vulnerable to bacteria and pollution. Ionovap uses very high frequency vibration to nebulise cold water. The negative ions attack polluting particles causing them to precipitate, thus reducing the presence of fine powders, smoke and pollen in the environment. Besides, medical research has shown the positive effects of negative ions on physical and mental well-being, thanks to their direct effect on the respiratory tract and to their anti-stress activity. Ionovap is equipped with a hygrometer for the measurement of room humidity, a night-light and a fan regulation button. The appliance is automatically switched off, when there is no water in the reservoir.
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