Ultrasonic humidifier / for home use HUMI-ROUND CA-MI

Ultrasonic humidifier / for home use HUMI-ROUND CA-MI

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The HUMI-ROUND product is an ultrasonic humidifier ideally used in home care to make dry environments more humid. Doing so prevents the irritation of one's mucous membranes as well as skin, lips, and the throat. When the reservoir is filled with ordinary water, its metal diaphragm vibrates at a frequency that allows the water droplets that escape the humidifier to form into a cool fog. The device's outlet head can always be set to an automatic 360° rotation to produce an output of a uniform mist. Regular operation is indicated by a green led while an automatic head rotation is indicated by a white led. Red led will be displayed when water level is significantly low, causing the unit to switch off automatically.
  • Options:for home use
  • Technology:ultrasonic
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