Ultrasonic gel warmer GW-210, GW-220 Vcomin

Ultrasonic gel warmer GW-210, GW-220 Vcomin
GW-210, GW-220

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1. Usage The intended uses of gel warmer GW-200 series are: (1) increasing gel liquidity, easy to use; (2) Adjusting gel temperature, let patient feel comfortable; (3) improving gel usage effect. The GW-200 gel warmer can be used when using Ultrasound machine, ECG, fetal doppler,vascular dippler, fetal monitor, physiatrics instrument and lithotripter,feasible for human and animal. 2. Features ? Displaying parameters with LED ? Adjustable temperature control range 34~40°C ? Programmable timer to switch on and switch off ? 360 degree surround heater unit ? Digital temperature control technology ? High energy efficiency ? Ergonomic 2 bottles design ? Built-in durable wall mountable construction 3. Technical Specification ? Heating temperature range: 34~40°C ? Temperature control accuracy: ±1°C ? Size: 190mmx170mmx110mm ? Weight: 650g