Ultrasonic disinfection system / for healthcare facilities HJ-30i Altapure

Ultrasonic disinfection system / for healthcare facilities HJ-30i Altapure

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The Device: The Model HJ-30i is an advanced ultrasonic product capable of delivering a dense cloud of sub-micron droplets for the high-level disinfection of large spaces such as those found in a typical hospital. The deployed sub-micron aerosol delivers gas-like performance and large, 3-D area coverage, that can can fill and treat multiple connected areas, complex geometries, long horizontal and vertical runs, and high-level disinfect or decontaminate the various surfaces within these spaces, including any equipment or objects therein. The result is a complete coverage and treatment of all exposed surfaces within the treated space(s). Rapid Complete Kill: Altapure's process delivers 6+ Log reduction in less than 10 minutes of exposure. Treated surfaces are proven to show “no growth” for bacterial spores, vegetative bacteria, and virus, within the treated space. Altapure's process has a D-Value of 2.3--2.6 minutes for Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores. Our enclosed space treatment process is rapid, providing room turnovers in under one (1) hour (start to finish). Ease of Use: The HJ-30i is a fully automated and robotic "one touch deploy" technology. The system operates with a unique “Closed Loop Aerosol Control ™” (CLAC) of the entire treatment process using one or more “Remote Agent Sensors ™” that are strategically placed in various locations of the treated space, and our integrated robotic HVAC “Vent Control System ™”. This guarantees a fully validated, safe, and efficacious process.
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