Twin fetal monitor 30 - 240 bpm | BT-330 BISTOS

Twin fetal monitor 30 - 240 bpm | BT-330 BISTOS
30 - 240 bpm | BT-330

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B T-330 is an Antepartum Fetal monitor displaying FHR. UC, and FM on LCD Monitor to check fetal heaitn after measuring them. It has also Event marker function enabling a pregnant woman in childbed to indicate fetal movement point by pushing its button by herself When she feels fetal movement. BT-330 indicated FHR as numeral by Irradiating ultasound at the abdomen, abstrachmg doppler frequency of heart oeat cycle from the signals reflected from feta heart. outDuttmg FHR change as a sound, and analyzing these signals. Besides, you can measure UC by using pressure sensor, indicate, and print the data of FHR and UC. BT-330 prints FHR, UC, and FM on thermal paper and displays LCD monitor. • FUNCTIONS - Twin fetuses Measurement - Automatic fetal movement Measurement. - Alarm & Timer - Printing speed and color depth control functions. - Automatic printing & Zoom - Wide Range of FHR measurement : 30-240 bpm - Simultaneous display through printer & LCD monitor - Data save - FHR Sound save in PC by BCM 330 Software. • FEATURES - Wire & Wireless external interface for central monitoring system.
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