Trolley F010JM, F010JA Olivetti

Trolley F010JM, F010JA Olivetti
F010JM, F010JA

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Jolly automatic accordion case carrier Versions: F010JM: Accordion Manual Jolly F010JA: Accordion Automatic Jolly Is a trolley which facilitates the placement of the coffin in the hearse. Using the pedal (in the manual version) or the remote control unit (in the automatic version) the coffin can be raised from the ground to the height of the hearse. The coffin can then easily be pushed into the hearse by means of a roller placed at the end of the trolley. The automatic version is equipped with a 24 VDC permanent magnet motor controlled by a push button remote control unit. Material: Tubular frame of drawn iron measuring 25x25x1,5 in black. Aluminum accordions measuring 20x10x1 with patented reinforced runners and opening tolerance