Treatment trolley / with drawer / modular PLT400INJ Wegg Srl

Treatment trolley / with drawer / modular PLT400INJ Wegg Srl

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Prolite have been one of the many manufacturers of innovation in the field of medicine. One of their innovative products is the Prolite Tiny 400 which is popular in many hospitals and clinics. First, it is very lightweight and measure only about 635x645x940. The basic body parts are there including the left side pullout shelf. You can also secure valuable things because it is keylocked. It has one drawer that measures mm 105 h that is painted with a problue finish. Two drawers measures mm 157 h that also has a problue finish. Lastly, it has a drawer that measures mm 210 that is also coated with a problue finish. All the drawers have an aluminum handle and includes a label holder. It has a cotton and double dispenser and has a waste basket with knee opening system for quick disposal of waste materials. It supports overtop structures with aluminum poles.
  • Components:with drawer
  • Structure:modular
  • Applications:treatment
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