Trauma training manikin 6920.02 Altay Scientific

Trauma training manikin 6920.02 Altay Scientific

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This full-body manikin simulates a wide range of real-life trauma situations that are likely to confront the emergency services. It can be used for both rescue and CPR training. This trainer features lifelike positioning, a carotid pulse, and anatomical landmarks that include the sternum, rib cage, and substernal notch. Coupled with our options and a set of moulages, you can add a depth of realism to your training. Rescue training is augmented with the optional Rescue Head (6920.06) that can be interchanged with the CPR/rescue-breathing head. The manikin comes ready to go with a sweat suit, five mouthpieces and five airway systems with lungs. Wounds sold separately (Trauma Moulage Kit, 6920.07). Three-year warranty. Spare Parts 6920.03 Lungs Only (Pack of 20) 6920.04 Airway/Lung System (Pack of 10) Optional Extras 6920.05 Carrying/Storage Bag 6920.06 Rescue Head - for Casualty Simulation 6920.07 Trauma Moulage Kit
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