Transport ventilator / resuscitation Flight 50 Flight Medical

Transport ventilator / resuscitation Flight 50 Flight Medical
Flight 50

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*The Flight 50 is a workhorse ventilator with a long standing history of being reliable, easy to use and energy efficient *From pediatric to adult, Flight 50 is ideally suited to meet the demands of almost any healthcare setting: extended care, long or short term transport and homecare applications *It is compact, lightweight, self contained and capable to provide up to 10 hours of battery operation *The controls are straightforward and easy to understand without extensive training *Robust, simple to use and with low cost of ownership - a winning combination of features, make the HT 50 ideal for transportation and emergency situations *Ease of use *Intuitive *Autonomous 10 hour battery *Unique dual micro piston system *Top clinical performance *Low cost of ownership *Remote alarm *Low and High pressure oxygen inlet
  • Application:transport, resuscitation
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