Transport trolley / for sterile goods / open-structure Antonio Matachana

Transport trolley / for sterile goods / open-structure Antonio Matachana
Antonio Matachana

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The shuttle system is the perfect solution to reducing the amount of time instruments are handled, ensuring both the patients and the staff are protected from non-hygienic items. A combination of nylon fiberglass, stainless steel, and anodised light are the keys to maintaining sterilization. Furthermore, these materials are lightweight, reducing the amount of energy required to move throughout the facility. For added safety, the shuttle system comes complete with a cupboard truck, so that it can be easily moved throughout the facility, or exported via a truck. It is loaded into the cupboard truck designed to fit with this shuttle system, and has a transfer trolley for easy loading and unloading. To ensure sterilization, the shuttle system is compatible with the disinfecting and washing process up to 186 degrees Celsius, and sterilization at 134 degrees Celsius. Keep your patients and staff safe with this shuttle system.
  • Applications:transport
  • Use:for sterile goods
  • Structure:open-structure
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