Transport hyperbaric chamber O2Prime Soft Hear MEC

Transport hyperbaric chamber O2Prime Soft Hear MEC
O2Prime Soft

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Portable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber O2 Prime Soft : Portable Hyperbaric Chamber with affordable price, great for home use and small practices. Our portable oxygen chamber is easy to install and use. With high and low pressure levels the chamber provides effective and comfortable treatment to beginners as well Possibility of connecting an oxygen concentrator. Internal metallic frame to keep its shape when not in use. Product Specifications Carbon Filter: The activated carbon filter traps chemicals, gases, and odors, including volatile organic compounds, improving the air quality inside the hyperbaric chamber. It also makes the compressor cooler and quieter. Compressor: 220 V, 280 Watt, ultra quiet, oil-less pumps provide sound suppression, which permits a restful and relaxing session inside the oxygen chamber Frame: Lightweight, durable metallic frame . The frame can be easily assembled and disassembled so that your chamber can travel with you. Mattress: Compact mattress is made with an easy to clean surface. The mattress is both comfortable and versatile, and is easy to transport. Pressure Gauge: providing highly accurate readings of your chamber pressure to ensure safe operation. This gauge is so sensitive that it can measure individual millibars. The triple zipper offers high protection against air leakage. The fixed cover on the capsule body helps reducing pressure on the walls - long usability.