Transcranial magnetic stimulation unit Axilum Robotics

Transcranial magnetic stimulation unit Axilum Robotics
Axilum Robotics

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS was among the first projects tackled by Axilum Robotics. By applying highly intense magnetic impulses to areas of the cortex through a coil place upon the head, an individual's cognitive and neurophysiological mechanisms are able to be studied. The procedure is both pain-free and a non-invasive method to help scientist understand the complexities of a human's brain. Especially in the field of psychiatry, therapeutic applications of this research tool are many. It currently is being evaluated for use in auditory hallucinations and major forms of depression. This robotized device is the brainchild of Dr. Jack Foucher and Michel de Mathelin, who were hoping to create a solution for TMS.

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