Transcranial doppler / vascular / extracranial / portable Multi-Dop® T digital Compumedics DWL

Transcranial doppler / vascular / extracranial / portable Multi-Dop® T digital Compumedics DWL
Multi-Dop® T digital

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Compact and extremely versatile. Ergonomically designed, state-of-the-art technology with a comprehensive performance spectrum from the routine across continuous monitoring through to the detection and differentiation of emboli. Like all DWL Doppler systems, when combined with 1, 2 and 4 MHz probes the Multi-Dop T digital provides all available options for a routine examination in the cerebral blood circulation and assists the examiner in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular anomalies, stenoses and occlusions. With the Doppler M-Mode it is possible for the user to measure through the entire depth range and thus detect and analyse the clinically relevant Doppler signals in no time at all. Intensity, flow direction and depth information are displayed in real time. Accordingly, the system delivers valuable information on which reliable predictions concerning patients at risk can be based. Combined with the fixations and special monitoring probes developed by DWL, the Multi-Dop T digital facilitates continuous monitoring and recording of the cerebral blood flow – before, during and after surgery. Using the specially developed DWL software modules for detecting and differentiating microemboli, solid and gaseous emboli can be identified and in Doppler M-Mode observed as they pass through the different depths. With a 16 MHz probe (reusable or disposable), intra-operative examinations can be conducted directly on blood vessels. This method enables the surgeon to control the quality before, during and after intra-operative neuro or vascular surgery.
  • Application:vascular, extracranial, transcranial
  • Configuration:portable