Traditional femoral stem / cementless VerSys® Epoch® Zimmer

Traditional femoral stem / cementless VerSys® Epoch® Zimmer
VerSys® Epoch®

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The VerSys Epoch FullCoat Hip System is the first reduced-stiffness stem specifically designed to address all patient femoral anatomies to minimize implant-related complications such as thigh pain, stress shielding, and leg lengthening discrepancies.1,2 The innovative flexible composite stem closely mimics the bending stiffness of bone. It is 75% less stiff than cobalt-chromium (CoCr) alloy stems and 50% less stiff than titanium alloy stems to address thigh pain and reduce the risk of stress shielding.3 Its extensively porous coating provides both initial and long-term implant stability.4
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