Traditional exercise bike Monark 928E Monark Exercise

Traditional exercise bike Monark 928E Monark Exercise
Monark 928E

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This bike has functions who connects more to 829E/939E then the fully mechanical bikes. This bike offers a safe testing bike and easy to use exercise bike in the same product. Based on the 900-frame it comes naturally with the low entrance frame and the swift settings with 250 kg in max user weight. The resistance is controlled from the display with the workload in watt, it is adjusted and maintained independent of pedal speed. The speed independency together with USB connection and memory card system gives greater possibilities for connection to PC and analyzes of data. To make it easy to use the exercise program is default, the clients only have to push start and change the workload to start exercise.
  • Bike type:traditional
Kroons Väg 1,
780 50 Vansbro, Sweden, P.O. Box 6, 780 50 Vansbro
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