TMS neuronavigation system Syneika One Syneika

TMS neuronavigation system Syneika One Syneika
Syneika One

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Syneika One is well known to provide individualized therapy. The device is designed in collaboration with neuroanatomist experts, used for recording the most commonly stimulated brain areas. Syneika utilizes patient MRI imagery data which enables it to position the stimulation coil with precision for delivering individual treatments. The device is capable of automatically reproducing this localization on each MRI which gives a deeper insight of the anatomical peculiarties of each individual patient. Irrespective of the operator, Syneika ensures an unparalleled localization reproducibility to its users. The device is capable of preparing all MRI imagery data within few minutes and guides you step by step through a tactile and friendly interface. This feature makes it suitable for neuronavigation solution in daily clinical practice.