Thyroid uptake scan gamma probe / portable SG04 Crystal Photonics

Thyroid uptake scan gamma probe / portable SG04 Crystal Photonics

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Crystal Photonics has 15 years of expertise in developing and manufacturing surgical gamma probe systems, which are especially designed for the intra-operative detection and localization of radioactive enrichments in the body or tissue. Succeeding the worldwide popular Crystal Probe System [SG03], our new, gamma probe system Crystal Probe -automatic- [SG04] sets standards in capability, versatility and user-friendliness. Our various gamma probes, which are considered to be the most effective instruments of detection compared to other surgical gamma probes on the market, allow an optimal usage for current and future applications of the sentinel lymph node excision (SLNE). Constructed and manufactured under the strictest quality control measures, all probes are characterized by an excellent side-shielding and outstanding sensitivity, which make it easy to localize even the weakest radioactive enrichments. Different angular resolutions of the changeable collimator sleeves achieve different fields of view and different sensitivities. Crystal Probe -automatic- is constructed and manufactured in special consideration of user-friendliness. Features like the automated probe recognition, nuclide selection and system check minimize the risk of operating errors and allow a quick setup prior to operation. The clearly acoustical sound enables the surgeon to work visually focused. Additionally, the large 5.5” back-lit display shows all important information.
  • Ergonomics:portable
  • Measurement type:for thyroid uptake scan
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