Three-compartment knee prosthesis / traditional EUROP POSTERO EUROS

Three-compartment knee prosthesis / traditional EUROP POSTERO EUROS

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EUROP Postero is a tri-compartmental stabilized anterior posterior prosthesis designed to recreate as closely as possible the natural kinematics of the knee while maintaining the patient's bone health. EUROP Postero is a product duly proven product benefiting from a 15 years of clinical experience. Innovative Instrumentation with innovative ligamentary instrumentation balance system allowing for minimally invasive surgery. Fixed plate. Stabilized antero-posterior. Excellent stress distribution through the design of its third condyle (minimized use of the polyethylene flexion. Asymétrie des condyles postérieurs asymétriques optimisant la bascule tibiale pour restaurer au mieux les mouvements de flexion. The curvature and thickness of the trochlea facilitates the patello-femoral gorge.
  • Surgical application:traditional
  • Knee prosthesis type:three-compartment
Z.E. Athélia III,
La Ciotat
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