Thoracic stent graft E®-VITA Jotec

Thoracic stent graft E®-VITA Jotec

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-vita thoracic 3G is JOTEC’s third generation of thoracic stent graft systems and is approved for endovascular treatment of aneurysm, dissection, penetrating aortic ulcer as well as intramural hematoma of the thoracic aorta. E-vita thoracic 3G presents meaningful enhancements of the stent graft as well as for the delivery system. The stent graft features now a unique spring configuration to achieve higher stent graft flexibility without losing the appropriate longitudinal stiffness. The adapted properties allow best vessel adaption even in complex aortic anatomies. Different proximal and distal stent graft designs plus straight and tapered configurations are available for choosing the right product for individual treatment of aortic diseases. A unique catheter design with multi-functional zones is used for the delivery system and allows sheathless application, excellent pushability and superior flexibility without risk of kinking. A hydrophilic coating significantly reduces friction during insertion into the arterial vessel system. The delivery system offers the smallest crossing catheter profile from 20 to 24 French for a broad range of stent graft versions compared to other thoracic stent graft systems in the market today.
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