Thermoreactor laboratory CR series WTW

Thermoreactor laboratory CR series WTW
CR series

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Programs for routine tests Rapid digestion for COD Quality assurance with testing sensor (optional) Thermoreactors are required for the determination of COD, total nitrogen or total phosphorus. They ensure complete digestion of the sample, as they maintain the necessary high reaction temperature throughout the defined period. For sample digestion three crack sets are available: crack set 10 (model 14687, 100 digestions) and crack set 10-C (model 14688, 25 cuvettes) for heavy metal, as well as crack set 20 for total nitrogen (model 14963, 90 determinations). In each of the WTW thermoreactors, the most important temperatures and digestion times are stored in 8, easily selectable digestion programs. In addition to these 8 fixed standard programs, CR 3200 and CR 4200 thermoreactors allow you to store 8 of your own user-defined programs. Suitable for 16 mm cuvettes.
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