Thermograph infrared 0 ... 100 °C | VT-1000 EASYTEM

Thermograph infrared 0 ... 100 °C | VT-1000 EASYTEM
0 ... 100 °C | VT-1000

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Infrared radiation can be used to remotely determine the temperature of objects. This is termed thermography. Easytem’s highly advanced FeverCAM is a thermography (thermal imaging) system in the form of infrared camera, which can be used in various health, security, safety and industrial applications. FeverCAM is developed based on Easyem’s proprietary “Thermal Array” technology and its thermographic cameras detect radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum (roughly 900?14,000 nanometers or 0.9?14 ?m) and produce images of that radiation. Since infrared radiation is emitted by all objects based on their temperatures, thermography can be applied for various purposes. Examples of Applications Remote human body detection and temperature measurement - Detection of person with fever in public entrance/passage areas (e.g. airport) - Detection of person for automatic light/power on/off switch (Much more effective and accurate than motion sensor) - Animal detection in farms Detection of fire Security surveillance Over-current of electricity (due to an overload of power systems) detection
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