therapy laser 980nm& 810nm 30w

therapy laser 980nm& 810nm 30w

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Pioon Medical Laser - Professional Therapy,Dental,Surgery And Aesthetics Laser Systems Manufacturer

Our Saturn and Mercury therapy laser systems provide a deeper depth of tissue penetration and ultimately provide a dose that result in positive reproducible outcomes, with our professional therapy handpiece.


Medical Therapy Laser | Low Level,High Power Therapy laser Systems Manufacturer

Deeper depth of tissue penetration and High Power Laser Therapy (HPLT) dosage delivers an immediate and effective level of patient care. Our Saturn laser is excellent for the specific needs of chiropractic, sports medicine practitioners, veterinary and pain management center.

The practice shows that the drug-free, surgery-free technique can alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and accelerate recovery from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.

Laser Type                GaAIAs diode laser

Model                   Sat20/Sat30

Wavelength               635nm/810nm/910nm/940nm/980nm/1064nm

Maximum Power           20W/30W Multiple Wavelength Combined

Typical Combination        635nm 400mW + 810nm 6W + 980nm 10W + 1064 4W

Operation Mode           CW/ Pulse/ G-Pulse

Pulse Duration            50µs–9s

Repetitive Rate            0.1Hz-10KHz

Optical Fiber              400µm-1000µm, SMA905

Aiming Beam             635nm, 2mW

Operation System         10 " inch HD true color display/Android OS

Power Supply             110V~240V, 3A, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions                370(W)*400(L)*245(H) mm

Weight                   7 Kg




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