The canal (ITC) hearing aid Cosmo 4, Cosmo 6 Interton

The canal (ITC) hearing aid Cosmo 4, Cosmo 6 Interton
Cosmo 4, Cosmo 6

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Cosmo 6 is small, stylish, discreet wireless hearing device which lets people hear many things with crisp, rich clarity. Personalized solution for unique listening requisite Now people can enjoy superb sound directly in their ears. Feedback Manager Plus enables Cosmo to target and remove whistling sounds Nano coating is Cosmos unique thin covering that repels dirt and humidity, meaning increased reliability and product lifetime. Soundscape technology permit you to immerse yourself in the best available 360 degrees listening experience and let you focus on speech even in noisy surroundings. It is based on your personal preferences. The Environmental Gain Tuner naturally alter the hearing encourage to distinct listening environments, for example when you walk from a noisy room to a quiet. There is no annoying sound delays or echoes and no uncomfortable adaptors worn around the neck. You will get small and stylish hearing instruments Wireless capabilities are available with Cosmo
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