Temperature regulator data logger / USB ATMDL01 Lec Medical

Temperature regulator data logger / USB ATMDL01 Lec Medical

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Works in temperatures from -35°C to +80°C - So it can be used in a large number of not only medical fridges, but also freezers and incubation units to monitor the actual internal temperature. Also in cold rooms etc without the need for wires Is accurate to 1°C - To give you a precise measurement of temperature, which can be the difference between safe vaccines and useless ones Can hold up to 16,385 temperature readings - Which gives a memory of up to 22 years if set at the maximum log rate, and 3.5 months at the minimum Logs the surrounding temperature at a user set parameter between 10 seconds to 12 hours - User programmable time period to suit individual needs IP67 moisture resistant when cap is on - So it is fine even if there is condensation, or a small spillage in the fridge or freezer Replaceable lithium battery - So there is no need to throw away the data logger once the original battery runs out, saving you money
  • Other characteristics:USB
  • Data type:temperature regulator
United Kingdom

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