Temperature monitor and regulator TempASSURE™ Sciton

Temperature monitor and regulator TempASSURE™ Sciton

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TempASSURE is designed to provide up to 40 watts of power at 1064 nano meters and 40 watts at 1319 nano meter. Thus fat the TempASSURE is the most versatile and powerful laser assisted system that is on the market. Clinician can use TempASSURE for assistance during Lipolysis (LAL) use in conjunction with ProLipo PLUS for additional safety and optimal end point identification. TempASSURE allows this high power energy to be delivered safely and effectively by measuring interior tissue temperature precisely, frequently, and in real-time. Science + Technology TempASSURE monitors internal tissue temperature changes in a treated area during laser-assisted lipolysis procedures in real-time. This gives physicians a new level of confidence by directly monitoring thermal changes in the adipose tissue in order to identify that the optimal endpoint has been achieved. Further, based on the level of desired tissue heating, it allows the physician to decide how much energy to deliver to a specific treatment area for maximum efficacy.
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