Telemonitoring station vital sign Phoenix Kiosk

Telemonitoring station vital sign Phoenix Kiosk
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Personal Health Station – Blood Pressure Kiosk The Personal Health Station is the Next Generation of self-monitoring health kiosks. This innovative apparatus was developed to allow the user to effectively monitor key elements of their health. By enabling regular access to the kiosk, long term tracking is possible where specific health trends may be spotted. When companies take a proactive approach towards educating their employees or consumers, they are enabling positive lifestyle changes. The PHS is a perfect fit for retail, large employer facilities, community/rec centers, health clubs, shopping malls or any number of public areas. The Personal Health Station may be equipped with biometric reading devices as well as other pioneering features: Standard blood pressure cuff Weight Scale BMI Clip Opting for a second display provides targeted messaging that could be utilized towards your marketing initiatives to display advertising or simply promote additional health and wellness messages. The inclusion of a printer allows for printing receipts and other Real-Time Biometric Reports Ongoing testing will lead to the inclusion of additional peripherals to further aid its medical usefulness Partnering to Optimize Technologies By partnering with quality technology companies, Phoenix Kiosk enriches the PHS with additional offerings. For instance the PHS may feature a Healthcare Gateway allowing the transmission of acquired health data right to your electronic health records (via MS HealthVault or Google Health).
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