Telemedicine cart eDoc® ICUcare

Telemedicine cart eDoc® ICUcare

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The eDoc® Telemedicine System is the most advanced Telemedicine or Telehealth Solution that is on wheels. By removing the wheels, you get a mobile Health Clinic. The standard eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR System has the medical equipment needed when performing a routine medical exam including a Bluetooth Electronic Stethoscope, Otto Video Scope, Iris Vide Scope, General Examination Video Camera and Vital Sign Monitor System that features HP, SPo2, Nellcor Temperature, and NIBP. The equipment is integrated into the eDoc® Telemed/EHR and Video Conferencing Software Program that supports the patient and the caregiver on one end the doctor or specialists on the remote end. The eDoc® Telemedicine/EHR System supports Live Video Conferencing Consultations and Store or Forward consultations. Apart from the basic system, users can also buy optional medical equipment to create a complete medical clinic on wheels.

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