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Telemedicine cart AUSTM Telemedicine Australia

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AUSTM Telemedicine Carts provides the best way for Healthcare professionals to increase their level of patient care, address staffing shortages and reduce costs to Australian patients and healthcare system. Using AUTM unless a face-to-face consultation is needed, the patient would not need to travel to another city or town to ccess the specialists' services. Patients can now stay in their home town and have their recovery while spending time with their family and stay in the community. AUSTM is also a suitable device for aged care facilities, nursing homes and rural and regional hospitals. Using AUSTM Practitioner-end centres are now able to conduct a high quality secure video& audio link between patients and specialist-end centres. AUSTM Carts can Store& Forward and/or Live stream medical information, including images& video from patient's ears, eyes, skin (polarized& magnified). The medical specialist is able to listen to the patient's heart and lung sounds, perform ECG, Spirometry and/or colposcopy. As a result of TeleMedicine Australia innovation, now people of Temora and close towns have much easier access to medical specialist services from all over Australia, NSW/ACT, VIC, QLD, SA, NT and WA. AUSTM also provides the ease of access to specialist services for people in aged care facilities, hospitals, emergency services and mines. With clicking below on your preferred item you will be able to see TMA specific solutions.