Synthetic bone substitute / rigid HYDROSUB Amed Therapeutics LTD

Synthetic bone substitute / rigid HYDROSUB Amed Therapeutics LTD

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BONE OSSEOUS DEFECT’S FILLING WITH THE BONE SUBSTITUTE : HYDROSUB HYDROSUB’s range was developed to solve the problem regarding osseous défects met in surgery orthopedic. HYDROSUB is a bone filling defect substitute for the repair of osseous defects not subjected to constraints, post traumatic, tumoral or degenerative, each time that it is useful to make a phospho-calcium contribution. Characteristics HYDROSUB is a synthetic product obtained with calcium phosphate: hydroxyapatite and beta tricalcium phosphate. Its chemical composition (HAP 65% and TCP 35 %) and its porous structure (between 60% and 85 % of total porosity, completely inter-connected, pores diameter from 150 to 400 µ) allow an in-depth vascularization and a fast osteo-integration. To support this osteo-integration and a fastest bone ingrowth it is recommended to associate, when that is possible, the HYDROSUB with fragments of bone. HYDROSUB is an bone substitute ready to use, it is an interesting alternative to the autologous bone graftcatch, it is a synthetic product not involving any risk of contamination. It is a biocompatible, bio-active ceramics comprising properties of osteoconduction, indeed the interconnection of its pores allows an invasion by the extra-cellular liquids which grow rich in ions calcium what involves apatite the in situ crystal precipitation similar to those of the close bones. The macropores are colonized by mecenchymateous cells which bring osseous affixing
  • Features:rigid
  • Susbstitute type:synthetic
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